Wrestler's Alias: Jessica Tremor
Wrestler's Real Name: Unknown
Birth Place: Petoskey, Michigan
Current Residence: The SCW.
Known Family: Mother/Father ( Deceased), Siblings: Sister (Name Unknown)
Places Lived: Ueno, Japan | Setagaya, Japan | Edogawa, Japan |
Known Associates: Wander Williams, Jessie Jenko, Alaska Young (Dec.), Chloe Marshall (Dec.)
Known Alliances: Dead Children (2014-2015), The Many Mothers (2015-Present)
Special Skills: JMSDF League Fighter | Toshu-Kakuto | Lethwei | Ju-jitsu |
Physical Description: Caucasian, Female, Slim, Tone, Dark Hair and Fair Skin. Tattoos on her arms.
Character Base/Model: Femme V (Cyberpunk 2077)

Wrestling Style: Deathmatch Oriented | High Flyer | High Energy | Creative.
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Chaotic Tweener, Leans Heel
Years Pro: 2

The Kanabo

Finishers Descriptions (If Needed):
Jessica throws her opponent face first into the corner, she then begins slamming their face into the turnbuckle.

She then Leapfrogs her opponent and onto the second turnbuckle, she lifts them up vertically overhead before dropping them into a Corkscrew Michinoku driver.

Signature Moves:


Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed):

Double Moonsault
Handplant Roundhouse Kick

Theme Song(s):
Weekly: "Karate" - Babymetal

Entrance Description:
The Lights of the arena go dark, as a low whirring sound begins to overtake the speakers, the walkway begins to glow blue, sweeping upwards from the ring towards the stage, lighting one section at a time. As it reaches its peak a Gigantic Monster Crashes through the Tron, cast in 3D from certain angles as a Great Roar overtakes the Arena. As the Music begins to charge through the speakers, The Tron flashes Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, flickering between colour and static. Lasers and smoke begin to fill the arena as a Neon outline steps through the curtain, her figure momentarily outlined before disappearing. The smoke is thick, she appears again, Neon lights tracing up her arms, a Set of LED's Illuminate her face, shining from the collar of her Jacket. At home the fans are greeted with Crumbling Buildings over the Stage, mixed with the Image of a Terrifying Creature crashing through, all done in spectacular CGI. As the drums break in she begins making her way towards the ring, a baseball bat slung over her shoulder. Talking trash to the fans at either side, some of whom take it well, other's return her hatred with middle fingers and receipts.

Jessica steps up the stairs and climbs up onto the turnbuckle, looking dominantly down at the crowd below. She drops down from the turnbuckle after a few seconds, taking in all the reactions the crowd has to offer. She leaps from the ring, pulling up the apron, pulling a long, Exposed, 1/0 welding cable, she throws it into the corner of the ring near the pole. Reaching back underneath the ropes produces a car Battery and Jumper Cables, the crowd pops as she slings the cables wildly over he shoulder, lifting the Battery into the air. She slides it into the ring next to the wires, jumping back into the ring, swinging the jumper cables around as she waits for the challenger.

Common Moves:
-Pendulum Lariat
-Driving STO Takedown
-Leg-Hooked Reverse STO Takedown
-Tai Otoshi Judo Back Body Throw
-Ura Nage Judo Backdrop Suplex
-Snap Overhead Release Belly-to-Belly Suplex
-Spearing Double-Leg Tackle Takedown
-Snap Overhead Release German Suplex
-Grounded Figure-Four Arm Lock
-Kata-Ha-Jime Half-Nelson Judo Choke
-Kata-Gatame Grounded Arm-Triangle Choke
-Flying Forearm Smash
-Backflip Kick
-Bicycle Kick
-Shoot Kicks
-Spinning Heel Kick
-Springboard Hurricanrana

High-Risk Moves:
-Phoenix Splash
-Asai Moonsault
-Ryder Kick
-Sasuke Special (Cartwheel over the top rope suicide moonsault)
-Sasuke Special II (Cartwheel over the top rope suicide corkscrew senton)
-Shooting Star Leg Drop
-Shooting Star Elbow Drop
-630 Senton
-*Corkscrew 630 Senton

Strengths: She boasts Tremendous speed and strength, and a knack for taking punishment.

Weaknesses:Her Prosthetic limbs are easily damaged, look for her to become more defensive as they begin to be targeted by opponents.