:: - The Method in the Madness - ::

Japan, the world Jessica left behind. A Place she had called her home for most of her life. The promotion Jess found herself working for had brought her up in the business, from taking photos at ringside, to actually performing inside the ring. She had seen the organization move from the warehouse behind a Karaoke in Setagaya to the Korakuen Hall, just outside the Tokyo Dome. Over the years she had seen owners come and go, but had always known that the only reason they had been able to move up in such a way was because somebody Serious had bought into their business. The names were always removed, hidden behind the logo of the Brand. Jessica had always known that the big man was on the take, he pushed certain characters in a tactic and specific manner. After a while it wasn't just Jess. In the last year she was with the company, multiple people had walked out, citing loss of confidence in management. Hannah was one of those who took her leave during this time.

The events leading up to that night weren't known to most of the fans of her previous Promotion. But the locker room had been in chaos, some of the roster was in agreement that serious money was being moved behind certain individuals, call it Jealousy, Greed, whatever. But it all came to a head that night, Jessica had been booked to put who what was then a new champion, working his second Title Defense. The Match was supposed to show off what he could do in the ring, show a bit of a meanstreak leading into the Pay-Per-View. It was simply meant to build heat, an easy match, easy money. The locker room had been over it, seen too many of their friends walk out, be used up and thrown out. Seen too much talent be washed down the drain, just to push a kid with a rich father. Little did Jessica know how rich he was...

Jessica walked down to the ring that night with one thing in her head, to take that belt by any means necessary. The arena was set up a certain way, leading up to the Pay-Per-View, the corners of the arena had been decorated with tiers of tables, stacked up nearly to the ceiling. The Small Balcony, which was often used in matches in those days was just above one of these pillars of wood and steel. That night, Jessica's opponent expected to simply Job her out, get himself another push, the money was paid and Jessica "Just had to eat it" - words of the commissioner. Jessica hit the ring and the match quickly devolved into a shoot, the crowd ate it up, coming to their feet as Jessica's prosthetics flexed as she violently whipped the young man's face into the mat.

As the match went on, it was obvious to tell the kid was hurt from this initial attack. He flailed and stumbled around the ring in a daze, Jessica leading him the entire way. The cheers of the fans eventually began to fade, as they began to understand that something very serious was happening in front of them. The announcers had stopped calling the match at this point, and the match was being broadcast to the audience in complete silence, save for the sound of the crowd, some cheering, others screaming.

Jessica knew they'd send everyone they could, and that night the locker room damn near cleared. The half of the roster who were on the take were quick to hit the ring. For Jessica, in that moment it wasn't about a single competitor, it was about the entirety of the business that had brought her up, about everything she had once loved about the promotion, about the men and women who she'd seen used, and about showing the world that people mattered more than a fistful of money. Some of those who came for her that night, were people she had known as friends, been to their homes, met their families. It was quite a wake-up call as the world crashed down around her.

Before the night was over, she had walked out of the arena with the belt, but for what? Hannah was the only one who stood beside her when it was all said and done. Gone was the big talk, and inflated egos, now only a silent and empty locker room remained. They knew what Jessica didn't and weren't willing to be there when the hammer finally came down, which of course it did. The Promotion was burned to the ground, and along with it many of the people who had run to the ring that night. The Young Man Jessica had ruined that night, was the son of one of the "Oyabun". He oversaw one of the wealthiest Yakuza families in Tokyo, he had purchased the promotion when his Son had taken an interest in it as a Hobby. From then on, the Promotion Existed simply to push him and him alone. It had been obvious to the roster, and had been wearing on the fans in the weeks leading up to that evening.

She had stepped on the wrong toes, and made a mistake that seemed so easy to make at the time. But if she had the chance to do it all over, she knew that she would have, she felt no regrets. It wasn't the promotion she loved, and those people weren't her friends, she shut it off, shut them out, made a choice to feel nothing. It's not that she can choose to forget, because things like that stay with a person forever, she simply chose to keep moving.

And its this mindset that leads us to wear we are today.

To Supreme Championship Wrestling.

:: - Oh God, The Aftermath - ::

Another week passed with Supreme Championship Wrestling. Jessica was already taking well to her new environment, learning the ins and outs, the certain way things were done. She was already kind of feeling out what would get the boss's attention, watched how the others carried themselves around him, they were always very friendly with the man handing out the checks. Jess was onto her second week with the company, after scoring a victory over Diamond Steele in her first outing with the brand, she had been scheduled to work with another SCW regular, Derek Adonis.

The more Jess and Hannah understood about Derek, the more and more pathetic he seemed. Which in turn, made it seem like it was just another joke. Jessica arrived at the arena that night with the intention of doing business as usual, because that's the type of competitor she was. The company was still feeling her out, making sure they could put some weight on her, and the first couple of weeks, hell, the first couple of months were that test period. Some promotions would put competitors on a probationary period, these could sometimes last up to a year. So for Jessica, the company trusted her enough to represent the brand, and she was going to, no matter what she thought of her competition, or the match itself.

The event this week, was taking place in Hannah's hometown. It was nice to actually have a familiar place to sleep. The two had spent most of the week in Vancouver, Hannah had a membership with one of the Local Gyms, the two had spent the week working, running the ropes, taking the bumps. So as Jessica showed up to the arena the night, she was ready for anything, well rested, and in one of the better moods she could have been in.

The Dreery Dressing room once again didn't surprise her, but neither did it bother her. She had her own shower, and that's really all a person needed. The two prepared for the evenings events as usual, with Jess changing into her ring attire, as she was booked as one of the opening matches of the evening. In the background, the crowd can be heard reacting to the match already in progress. Hannah set up the monitor, placing it on a table against the wall, Jessica stepped out of the shower, the work the SCW crew had done was still holding strong.

"Those guys do a really good job."

"They Do!!" Jessica looks down at herself, rather impressed with how she looks for these events.

"Maybe I should have them tune Me up."

"You gonna come out there this week or what?"

"Yeah, ya know, why not, I kinda wanna see this guy up close."

"Uh-Oh, Look-Out, Hannah got eyes on a sugar-daddy!" Jessica's sarcastic demeanor obvious.

"Yeah, thats me, got a thing for old-heads. Fuckin guys built for an announce table."

"Ohh man, don't remind me." Jessica sighs. "If I had known the guy was ACTUALLY the wash-out I said he was, I probably would have come at him with some more vigor, but whatever I guess, take what they give me. Let's just get this over with as quick as possible, I already know I'm goin' over, like what else is there for this clown?"

"Exactly, which is why I kinda wanna go out there, we should make an example out of this guy, show them they can't mess around with us like this!"

"Yeah, and what? We can't beat this old mother fucker down on Live TV like that Haha! As much fun as it would be like what? That, AND it'd be me, so you'd have Jeremy from TheQuartering out there talking about how SCW is a Woke Organization because they let a chick beat down some old white dude. And that would be it, the rollin' coal crowd would hate us."

"Oh Yes, because Jessica Tremor gives a big ol' fuck about the Rollin' Coal Crowd."

"Not Me, Jackass, but The Boss probably does, so no, we're not gonna go out there and do anything more than win this match, that's enough of a message, to show that I can play their little games if they wanna play'em, but when the time comes, you know what time it is."

Jessica's arm rippled as the plates and synthetic muscle pulsated down its length.

"Okay Superstar, calm down, you have yet to use that shit on anyone."

"Yeah and you know it's just nice for the effect isn't it?"

Hannah rolls her eyes. Outside, you can hear the crowd chanting up for Kennedy Street inside the Arena.

"Yeah I guess... But we should head up there, get a feel for who's in what kinda mood tonight."

"You ready?"

Hannah shrugs, nodding her head. The two head into the hallway, the stairs once again are crowded, photographers mostly.

"Okay, so who's out there right now? Some tag match or something?"

"Nah, the schedule said, Kennedy Street?"

"Okay, Kennedy Street And??"

"The shit just says "Kennedy Street In Action"?" Hannah returns with another confused shrug.

"Oh my god, for fuck sake, EXCUSE ME!!"

the crowd suddenly turns around as Jessica begins pushing them aside. At the top of the stairs she is greeted by one of the producers, who motions "Five", for On-In-Five. Jessica rolls her eyes, motioning with her arms "Wtf", the producer points to the overhead monitor, where we can could see Jordan Majors confronting Kennedy Street.

"What is goin' on?"

"We're being held up by Bullshit." Jessica points to the Monitors, where the three women are having their little public spat. The two watch for a few moments, completely disinterested, but unable to look away.

"What are they talking about?"

"Somethin'... that's for sure."

The women make their way through the curtain, Jordan first, she pushes passed the crowd with her shoulders. A short while later, Kennedy Street finally finds her way through. Street in front, with her lap-girl Brittany Lohan trailing close behind. The backstage staff pushes the camera people back, along with some of the staff, forcing Jessica and Hannah to take a step back closer to the gorilla table as the women pass by.

"Oooh, Clear the way Knaves!" Hannah breaks out sarcastically.

Some of the crowd audibly laughs, but Jessica signals for the Producer to hit the music. The match is quick, just like Jessica said it would be. Talking behind a microphone is one thing, but standing across the ring from Adonis, it was obvious he was just another spent wrestler. As Tough as it was, Jessica had enough respect for the old timer to give him what little of a match she could. Keeping the action mostly on the mat, displaying a bit of her technical game. Before long it was time to go home, Jessica finished him easy, two moves that were easier for the old guy to sell.

The rest of the night went off well, another night of Must-See Television from Supreme Championship Wrestling. The two were finally starting to get a foothold in the industry, had a couple nights easy wins under their belts, but had yet to really find someone to have a solid match with. The two were thankful for the opportunity, but knew that they were better than this.

----------------------A Few Hours Later------------------------

The arena is quiet, the parking lot lies empty, the lights overhead sporadically lit, save for a few cars parked here or there. What's left is the event and arena staff, the last of the superstars are finally leaving the arena, some on their way to the next venue, others choosing to stay the night in the city. Hannah and Jessica are sat on the rear of their truck, trying to make that decision. As the two go through their options, the lights of the backlot begin to shut off, casting the two into darkness for the first time. As the shutter doors finally close the two are left in an eerie silence as the sound of cars passing in the distance, and the street sweeper driving through the front lot are all that can be heard in the night air.

"So we could drive to Denver right now, and just knock it out."

"Yeah, but you have a REALLY Comfortable Bed, come on, lets just stay the night and we'll be gone tomorrow afternoon."

"You're goofy, we can find a bed in Denver, just give me a second, I'll find us a nice ass place."

Jessica chuckles, at that moment it really didn't matter to her what they did. She brushed her hair with her hand and looked out into the parking lot, trash blew through the hazey light. A Fog had begun to drift through, leaving a heavy feeling in the air. It was then Jessica saw it, a figure standing beneath one of the lights. At first she missed it, but now it was so obvious she wondered how she hadn't noticed it before. A woman, medium length dark hair, light colored pants and a dark field jacket. She was looking towards the two girls sitting on the back of the trunk, Jessica could see that her face was lit by a phone. Jessica tapped Hannah on the shoulder, pointing to the woman.

"Uh Oh, someone looks like they got abandoned."

"Trouble in Paradise?"

"Probably, lets see if she needs a ride..." Jessica says with a sigh, she hated seeing it, guys who would just leave their girlfriends somewhere, over a fight, or a disagreement, or... whatever. In all likelihood the woman would be just fine, and the guy would come to his senses and the two would be making up by the end of the evening, but Jess also knew what the world was like for a woman, so she offered the ride.

The two pushed the tailgate up on the truck and jumped in, turning around to make their way across the parking lot. But as they made their way across the parking lot, the woman turned, making a B-Line towards one of the vehicles parked just a short distance away. Jessica sped up to the woman, trying to get her attention, but the figure ducked into the car, pulling out before even turning on her headlights. Jessica and Hannah rolled to a stop, confused as to what had just happened. Probably just some confused fan, trying to find her friends after the show, the lot was pretty big, it would have been easy to lose your vehicle. But looking around, as sparsely populated as it was now, kind of strange someone would get lost. Jessica shook her head, people were crazy and confusing...

But That Woman Had Definitely Been Watching Them.

::-- an Introduction to The Villain --::

The night flies passed in a blur, the neon lights and blurring streetlights dropped behind the muffled sounds of labored breathing. The thump of a heart in full fight or flight response. The world swirls and churns for a moment as the sound of engines begin to fade in. The sound of rushing air is getting louder, we begin cutting through shots of the city skyline, the center line passing, faster, flashes of light, crowds, and finally the tail lights of two cars racing into the distance.

A Matte Black muscle car rips through the midnight traffic, followed close behind by what looks like a Bugatti Chiron. The two cars trade paint as the heavier of the two vehicles attempts to swipe its pursuer off the road. But the car stays solid, dropping back to avoid the hits, but pushing right back up as the car began to swing across the road. The muscle car straightens itself, bullets spraying from the rear window as cars on either side of the pursuing Bugatti Swirve for cover. The flying lead skips off the hood, bullets doing little to no damage as the Bugatti speeds up to the rear of the car, lifting the two wheels off the ground as the nose pushes the car upwards.

The road turns sharply ahead, a metal guard rail standing between motorists and a 50 Meter fall to the street below. The Bugatti accelerators forward, the driver of the muscle car tenses, his eyes growing bloodshot wide as the two cars crash through the metal barrier and take flight into the night air. The two cars brilliantly collide with the pavement below, sending shards of glass, plastic and metal in all directions, a loud crash is heard for miles as the two cars tumble to a stop at the edge of a repair shop. As vehicles begin to stop, a few drive on as the scene plays out beside them.

The Muscle car is crushed, both ends from the Bugatti and the Guard rail. But the driver kicks the roof off, emerging from what remains of his twisted vehicle to break into a full sprint. He quickly keeps pace with some of the vehicles going up the city street beside him. Behind him, the Door slides up and open, as a dark hooded figure steps out of the vehicle. Dressed in hanging dark hooded jacket, his slender figure accentuated by the suit underneath the baggy top. The man's face turns to fear, as even in this inhuman sprint it seems it might not be enough to escape whoever this is.

The hooded figure turns, only appearing to spring for a moment, before disappearing into the distance. The man only feels the force of the shot, quick, in the center of his back. He crashes forward, out of his spring and rolls across the ground, crashing through the front wall of a small diner. Lights overhead flicker, as the sprinkler systems comes on. In the darkness, the man can see the dark silhouette of the hooded pursuer jump through the broken front window. No Choice now, he has to fight.

He blocks the first shot, but gets another uppercut before he can mount an offense. He stumbles back as kick connects with his chest, taking him off his feet and turning him into a wrecking ball. His body makes it through what's left of the diner, tumbling to a heap out the back, he tries to get up, but there's nothing left. His head rolls back for a moment, before he looks down at himself, a bright red cylinder begins flashing in what should have been his stomach. Looking up at his pursuer he only sees a flash for a moment, blue eyes behind a veil of Black. The hooded figure turns, only appearing to sprint for a moment, before disappearing into a blur. The man struggles for a moment as the light grows larger, breaking into a full scream as the heat grows...

Then Silence.


"His Name was Kenneth Townsend" The newscaster said breathlessly over footage of a blown out building. A Small streetside diner front and center, the windows of the building above were blown out. Fires still burning behind, sending smoke into the air. Helicopters and Firetrucks encircle the building as the newscaster fills us in."The Lone Wolf Bomber who committed this terrible destruction of property, several people have now been confirmed as being Injured. While it does not look like anyone was killed in this attack, we do know it is connected to a string of extremist terror attacks that have swept our nation in recent months. We'll have more as this story develops."

The sound of an echoing phone breaks through the report, the lit screen now obvious in the shot. The name on the screen reads "Mother". A deep sigh is heard before The Owner of the phone begrudgingly picks it up.


The voice on the other side is a deep shrewd sounding woman, he sets the phone down, the small speaker symbol in the center of the screen.

"You're very proud of yourself aren't you?"

"Is it on you? No, did I get the guy? Yes. Calm down."

"When we started all this, you said you would keep incidents like this to a minimum, it is very annoying to have to clean up after you and your antics."

"Ya Know... You--"
Really Sound Like Somebodies Mom..."
"Really Sound Like Somebodies Mom, Yeah Right.

"Yeah well ya do, you're getting old."

"We're all getting old, but YOU, are getting Sloppy. Clean it up on your next job."

"Oh, wow, a Next Job? No Desk Duty? No Trips back to the DdosDungeon?"

The woman scoffs.

"Number One you want the details or not?"

"Send It."

A Small Character sprite appears on the screen for a moment, it grabs a little file and eats it before displaying the contents on the screen. A Small picture, a list of known residences, and affiliates, Supreme Championship Wrestling can be seen written along the corner, along with a number of other promotions.

"What am I looking at here?"

"Thought this one would be right up your alley, she's got a price on her head out of Tokyo, from... the Akagi Clan."

A Number appears on the screen, above a picture of a woman, Athletic build, short dark hair, a couple of markers on her face, but nothing else of note. The Number is $1,000,000.

"A Million Dollars? What the Hell did she Do!?"

"This is why I thought you'd love it, it appears she was apart of one of those little "Sport Entertainment"/"Professional Wrestling" type outfits, probably just didn't throw a match or something, cost someone a little too much money, same deal."

"Oh really? Hmm, some of these places sound familiar, should be easy work. Let Me Guess, Bring Her In, Yeah?"

"If At all possible we would like to deal with them while they are still alive yes."

"Samira Hatanaka." he said, reading the name on the screen.

"Yes Sir."

"I'll call you when I'm On-Site."

"So once again here are, on the other side of another promise kept. Last week I told the SCW Audience that I was going to keep the train right on going, and despite Derek Adonis' best efforts, here we are. Honestly, now that I got the chance to stand in that ring with him, it really seems like I was right all along. That this company truly is done with him, and that maybe he's done with the company. What I got wasn't at all what I was expecting, some great icon on winding down his career, No. What I got was a tired old man, who never should have had a place here in the first place. What I got was another week of the SCW sending me their lowest tier talent to test myself against. Do I really seem like someone who isn't serious? Like someone who deserves the likes of Derek Adonis? I mean, if that's who you want to give me, I've come to work, so I'll go out there and beat up old guys and washed up singers all night if it makes puts people in those seats. But there's only so many resting holds I can do per match before even I begin to get bored.

The guy had nothing for me, what good did it do for the SCW to send him out there? I tried as hard as I could to make that match what it was. But he just couldn't do it, he needed rest, he'd stand up with a little burst of energy, make his little moves and then it was back to the mat. I was barely sweating out there, and the people weren't feeling it. Sure, they hit the highs, and they were with me when it was over, but I honestly believe that if it was me watching, I would just have wanted it to end. Which is to be expected, but that's not to say it isn't a problem. I understand the reasoning, to be the mantle, you have to first play the doormat, but come on, you see me laying these guys in the dirt anytime I step into that ring. I've come around the globe, gone through Two Companies, winning, I think the fans know, at least the ones who have followed me, that I am ready to run with the headliners. That someone like me can definitely be one of the faces of the SCW, and a main draw.

But what have I got for the last two matches? Nothing, they've been a squash. The SCW Just wants to know if I'll show up, well I have, and in a big way on both occasions. But this week, going into yet another Primetime Pay Per View, Apocalypse, is an 8-Man tag team match. Some of these men and women have been some of the best the SCW has to offer, others on the other hand, haha... maybe not so much. So it was no surprise when the SCW Booked the one and only Jessica Tremor to carry my team to victory. There aren't too many people who could step into the ring with the competitors I've got to contend with this week, good thing I'm exceptional. Out of the Four people in my corner this week, I haven't seen much from either of them. The last couple of weeks filled with nothing but talk. Good thing I brought my backpack.

Gianni "G" Money, spent his last week in the SCW putting someone else over, and who was that? That's right, none other than Purity Pixie. Boy, if you can't stand up to someone like that, what makes you think you have a place around here? I mean I'm sure you got thrown into this match with about as much thought as I did, so no doubt you'll try and make the best of it. At least you've shown up the last couple of weeks, which is more than I can say for the mindset of some of the people I've had to share the ring with up until this point. But When we get in that ring G-Money, are you going to be able to keep up with people like Street? With Lich House? With Williams? Adam Allocco and his buddy aside, are you going to be able to hold up your end of the deal here? I am less than confident in your ability, so maybe one of us is going to have to pick up your slack this week. I don't mind doing it I guess, hell, it seems like I'm going to be doing everyone's job out there this week.

Is it wrong to want teammates that I can actually trust? Or is that just something to add to the "Too Much to Ask For" Pile? Because When thinking about a tag team partner I can really only think of one person, but she doesn't seem to want to work more than a couple of minutes a week. Which if she would step out from Behind the Camera, it's all it would ever take to get through these guys anyway. This is why it's just easier to work alone, to rely on yourself. Stepping out there and having to rely on people like G-Money really makes me nervous. Unfortunately it looks like I have no choice, we're here for the show though, aren't we? And this week, once again, Promises to Deliver, SCW has put me in the ring with still two more of its best up and coming talent. Adam Allocco and Bison Jones. Two men who I think are directly to blame for the situation at hand right now. Maybe I should thank them, depending on how this match goes.

What can be said about Bison Jones? I mean really? What has this man done that wasn't on the back of his tag team partner? He's like Diesel but without the Big Daddy Cool. He just lumbers around the ring to look menacing and gigantic. But how far does something like that really go? There has be a certain level of charisma and talent that goes into this business, if it was 1988, you'd still be able to get away with it because everybody still had "Big Man" syndrome. But when I look at someone like you I just wonder What you're doing. Don't get me wrong, it can be fun to work with a guy like that, if you need somebody to be a comical attraction. Someone to just no-sell shots from Jobbers, I guess you can throw someone like Bison in the ring. But to actually take someone like that, and have to depend on them week in and week out? It really makes you wonder about the stability of Adam Allocco.

In his last two appearance with the brand Adam has managed to take L's to both Lich House AND Kennedy Street. Two weeks of losses that were directly his fault. Because the man simply cannot take an L. Its a sad thing to see, a man with little self esteem. But now here we are, all of us together, because of you. So sure, I guess if you need me to, I'll solve your problem for you. But like Ledger said, if you're good at something never do it for Free. Someday Allocco, if we get through this match and I carry you to a win over both Kennedy AND Lich House, you're going to owe me a favor. To someone like you I know that can sound quite alluring, and I hope that it does. Because Hannah and I have plans for this company, and someone like you could be quite useful. But if this week is anything like the last couple of weeks, for you it might not end so well. And that's a promise to every person standing in that ring. You can rely on me to be there for you, Bell-To-Bell. But when it's all said and done we aren't walking out of that arena together, no matter what the outcome of that match is.

That about wraps it up for my tag team partners, but who do we have standing on the other side of that ring? let's start with the little ones, shall we? Kimberly Williams, a little girl who I've had my eye on for the last couple of weeks. It's not every girl who comes to her job with a Toy Box, and boy, have I been aching to find out what's REALLY inside. You see Kim, I'm a Big Girl, I like to share. And I've got plenty of toys for us to play with, some assembly required, Batteries Definitely Included. The two of us I think could put on the show that I've been talking about the last month and a half. Put on the show that I've been trying to bring to this side of the globe. Someone like you I think could be too much fun if given the time and freedom to really be who you are. I can bring that out of you Kimberly, if this match was just you and I, we could bring these people a true feast for the eyes. But unfortunately it seems that we are locked into arbitrary rules, put inside a box for no other reason than the person standing in that ring with you, Kennedy Street.

Lets get one thing straight off gates, every bit of the disdain I've spoken with in reference to my teammates, amplified a thousand times, is exactly what that woman thinks of all of you. She can't even be bothered to treat her "Friends" with respect and decency, what makes any of you think any differently? She isn't there to be your partner, she isn't there to have your back. She's there to look Pretty, to draw the audience, at least that's what she's thinking. Kim, you speak about your "Teammates" for this match being some type of guiding light, but take a longer look at the type of people they are. The type of people who wouldn't even give you a second glance, the type to always look down their noses at you. I'm closer to understanding the type of person you are than anyone else standing on your corner. Kennedy is nothing but a plastic mess, a pretty face for the company, and nothing else. Do you really think she has your back? We will see, that's for sure. Kim, you have to understand that to those people, you are insane, they don't understand what it is that brings you to this business.

It's a crazy world, full of crazy people, and the only way to deal with it, is to just be crazy too. It was one of the first things I learned when I struck out on my own, but that was the deep city, a place that I never want to have to go back to. Where you had to fight tooth and nail for every opportunity you got, you had to be ravenous in those days. It was through that struggle though I found my outlet, so too will you, it appears you already have, and that's the key. For everyone else standing in that ring, this is a job, an occupation, something they strived to do. But for someone like us, it's what we were born for, people like us exist in this business because for some of us, it makes the world a safer place. But how does someone like that make real friends in this business? How can someone like that really depend on anyone, the answer is simple Kim, we can't. Because those who are the outside, think we're crazy, and those on the inside, Don't Trust Anyone.

Much like us, Lich House might know a bit about feeling misunderstood, their craft has spent centuries being ridiculed and demonized by populations the world over. So to say that you are the only person with a damaged past out there would be a mistake. The two seem to be in step, almost cosmically so. Which means that outside of the Girl With All The Toys, I have to contend with a Tag Team that knows how to work, that knows each others tells, and have already been proven to be effective, my work is cut out for me, and I Absolutely Love it. The last couple of weeks have been a wash with Bad Talent and No Shows, but this week it seems SCW has absolutely Stacked the Deck Against me. Like I said, Lich House comes from a culture with a Rich History, a History which they've put on display for the world to see. To me it just seems like another show, like bringing it all into the open, is a disservice. But who am I to judge I suppose?

This week, the two of you aren't facing Adam Allocco and Bison Jones by themselves, so if you think the same rules are on the table you'll find you are sadly mistaken. Take G-Money out of the equation, and the four of you have more on your plate than you'll know what to deal with. Lich House took a victory over the Golden Boys, but this week the stakes are higher, SCW Apocalypse is a Huge Stage, and I intend on crushing it. Kimberly Williams aside, Lich House are two people I would love to take on one at a time, but If I can get them both at once, who am I to turn the chance down? The more I think about it, the more excited I become. That's not even the top of the list, Lich House, as well known as they are, haven't come across a fight like this before in front of the live audience.

To Top the list of Talent, we have Kennedy Street. Kimberly Williams said a few words about her, about how she is quote a "Multiple Time" SCW Champion. Well really, all that says to me is that she's been beaten, and beaten Multiple Times. Let me Guess "The Legend Killer", "The Best There Is", "The Best There Was!", "The Best There Ever Will-- Just shut up. I've heard it a thousand times before, the fans have heard it a thousand times before. Anyone who has been in this business for that long knows, that it doesn't matter how long you've been here, what matters is the work. Young Men and Women come into this business all the time, and make themselves on the backs of people like Kennedy Street, Former World Champions. It doesn't matter how good you've Been, what matters is how good you Are. And can Kennedy say she's still that good? Or are her belt wearing days behind her? It would seem that coming back down the ladder, the company might actually think so.

Why else would you find yourself here? Tumbling back down from the top of the card, to face people like Adam Allocco, like Gianni "G" Money, Like Jessica Tremor? To be Teaming with people like Kimberly Williams? You think you're here because of something You Did? Because of a Choice You Made? Well think again, you're here because the SCW is working you back down the card. Because whatever you had, in those days when you were actually pulling weight in this company, is wearing thin. "Kennedy Street In Action" - "Oh Against Who?" - "Who Cares!" Right? That's literally what the last card read? Opened the Show, Came out Before Me. And boy, was it an easy act to follow let me tell you. I mean sure, they gave you some Jerker and you made him look foolish, but that's not work, that's not impressive, that's nothing. The Company sends you out there because you look good, because men ages 18-35 love blonde hair and big tits, but hell, we can all have those for the low-low price of our morality, so you're nothing special.

The SCW Marches you out there because they know they've probably only got a couple more years of draw left in you and they're trying to get as much mileage out of the old horse as they can. Look at ya, your skin is getting weird and your tits are straight anymore. What are you gonna do when it's all sideways? You really fucked your whole life up trying to be this perfect selling point for a company that was ultimately just going to send you out the door, and add a bit of disgrace for good measure. And that's what I'm here to do, just like I did for Old Derek Adonis, I'm here to help Kennedy Street out the goddamn door. I hate having to do this job week in and week out, but if SCW Needs this much cleaning then By-Golly I'll do it. You have to understand, there is not one bit of me, that thinks you are anything more than a pretty face for this brand, and I promise you Kennedy, that's all anyone in this company thinks of you. They put you over so they can put you on TV, so that way young adults have something to take to their bathrooms when it's all over. Nothing else you've done has mattered to them more than that.

Someone like you can bring down an entire division of people, can make an entire group of wrestling talent look like nothing more than a bunch of worthless pretty faces. Women like you were what was wrong with this business for so much of its history. And now I have the personal opportunity to show you what the new generation brings to this table. So Come On Out Former World Champion, lets see if you have any of that what made you Golden. Because this week that's what its all about. Not The Boys, not G-Money, not Kim, not even Lich House, the SCW has made you the biggest target in this match. So when I walk to that ring, if its going to go down by pinfall, I want it to be you Kennedy. I want to be the one to pin You in the center of that ring, clean.

So many things are on the table this week, so many surprises in store. But what could the outcome be? Anyone who's interested can tune in this Saturday for SCW Apocalypse...

A Show that May Truly...

Live Up to Its Name.


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