:: - On Shoot - ::

A Slow Fade, the darkened room comes into focus, the sound of machinery can be heard humming through the walls of the stone facility. In the center of the room is a large operating Chair, seated back is Jessica Tremor, a female dressed in Brown Overalls, Large, Round, Black Glasses works on her left arm, as she finishes up Jessica flexes the Prosthetic Muscle Tissue, the woman nods to her before Jessica Turns to the Camera. She smirks condescendingly before standing from the chair and stepping towards the camera.

"For the last month I've been a worker. Sold Every Match I've been in, better than most could have given what I was working with. The first two matches I went into in this goddamn company were absolute Squashes, No Shows, my opponents weren't even fucking there. Didn't even take the goddamn matches serious enough to cut a promo, so here's a promo for every last one of you.

The last week I was finally put into a match with some actual competitors, some people who actually take this seriously, at least they say they do. But its all for what? Nothing, because when you people turn on your TVs every Thursday night these mother fuckers think you come to watch the same goddamn storylines that have been being run since the Mid-90s, you'd think that with all the "Talent" in this fucking organization at least one of you would be able to come up with something original to tell these people. But no, you're all fuckin Addicts or Have Rediculous Relationship problems; that, Fuckin News Flash, no one gives a single shit about. You think that shit isn't a slog to get through every week?

See I put time into myself, into this character that I Portray, put in the work, didn't have to outsource my shit to get myself over. Didn't have to pay anyone to build me Layouts or Promotional Photos, because I did it all myself. Built a fucking character, not just some little cookie cut-out of literally a thousand different competitors. These people know it, just as much as I do, you can turn on your Television, tune into ANY Broadcast and you will see all the exact same faces.


And they all tell the same fucking stories, hosted by the same fucking promotional company, what's really funny, is some of these people who claim to be "Movie Stars" can't even afford to pay the host enough to take the goddamn Ads off the promo, can't even sit down and watch one without somebody trying to sell me something, it's a goddamn Joke. Put some fuckin money up, do your own fucking art, make your own fucking story.

Which is why I don't understand why someone like Kennedy Street can have as big of an ego as she does, or maybe it makes total sense I'm not sure. Let me tell you Kennie because it doesn't seem like anyone else will, you could have stayed gone. You could have stayed in Hollywood, to make your Seemingly Nameless Movies that No One Gives a fuck about. But, to her credit, I can say she was right, Supreme Championship Wrestling is in need of many things, unfortunately the least of which is Kennie herself. We've got blonde cunts with Trump Tans running around here left and right, we don't need another one. Much less someone like you. So take your "True Hollywood Story" and shove it up your ass, at least then it might have a little girth. And what's really funny about all of it, she couldn't even deliver on her promises. You got a win over the weakest of all of us, so you go "Sexy Flawless Diva" you beat yet another Jobber and steal a victory. A Victory that no one really fucking cares about. I thought you were going to "Make Me Your Bitch." Guess that didn't happen, your weak ass back drop wasn't beating anyone. So get that shit the fuck up out my face. The only reason they let you back is because you're a fantasy piece for Weird Greybeards or Old Baldheaded Incels furiously typing wrestling fiction into their computers. And if the two of us ever got in that ring alone, I'd fucking drag you.

But ya know what, I've already spoken at length about what I think about Kennedy, who she is and what she represents in this business. So for the sake of not being as repetitive as she is, I'll move along. To Bison Jones, it was nice to see, for the first time in his career he actually stepped out, stepped out from behind the shadow of his tag team partner and made a difference. Good Job Bison, but unfortunately it meant nothing, as neither of the Golden Boys were able to make the impact as one little girl with "Fake Prosthetics". You guys are a full on Joke of a Tag-Team, and it's really no wonder you've been getting stepped on.

But Adam and Bison too, have been spoken about Ad-Nauseam. So lets turn the focus back to where it really Belongs, Me. I first walked into this company I legitimately thought this was a company that wanted to push limits, to take chances, but what do I get instead? Bullshit, that's what. Literally just a bunch of people that can only tell like 2 goddamn stories. And what's really fucked up, is they don't understand how terrible it is, I could go back years, decades, and I'd find people like Angelica Jones saying the exact same things, Verbatim, Word for Fucking Word. That's how stagnant this is, that's how dated all this is.

And that's not even the worst part of all of it, the worst part is these people are actually Proud of what they put out; People who actually have pumped up their own egos over it. You have people pretending that because they did this or that, that I should fucking put them over? That I should sit down and know my place? Fuck that, all of this is a game. Are you kidding me? I can make myself a Movie Star, or an Astronaut, or a Goddamn Serial Killer, because that's what we do here, we Play Pretend. So go ahead, Be a Movie Star, all that means is that you're good at pretending to be something you're not. Something I won't fucking do anymore.

When I walked into the SCW, I wanted to be apart of it, I wanted to sell the Brand and the Superstars, but ya know what, fuck that. Every single person watching this right now needs to understand something, nothing here sets these people apart from anyone. And the only thing Original in Supreme Championship Wrestling is Jessica Fucking Tremor.

You see, unlike literally EVERY other superstar that walks into that ring, you will never find another mother fucker like me. Go Ahead... Flip Through the Channels, I'll wait....

The Problem is, the SCW has a problem with Original Stories and Characters. They want to have the same Roster as literally every other Promotion in the World. So this is what they'll get. The only part of a Promo that really matters, the shit talk. Because We're Done Fuckin Telling Stories, Shitty Relationships and Drug Addicts aren't what people turn on their televisions for, they can see that in their real lives. If you people were ANY type of cognisant you'd be able to fucking see that. Like, to the point where if that bullshit comes on my screen I just fast forward anyway, it's what everyone does, because lets face it, no one gives a single fuck about your personal life, as much as your inflated fucking egos would like to believe otherwise.

What I think it is, is that none of this bullshit has ever been either challenged or Questioned before, so you guys just went on, telling boring stories to bored people. There's a reason they cheer when you walk out to the ring and not when your talking, because they don't come to hear you speak, they come to watch you get your fucking ass kicked. So when I walk out every week, or when I turn this goddamn camera on, it's not for them. Regardless of what the fucking script has told me to say in the past, I don't give a goddamn about a single one of these fucking people, about a single one of you. I came here to get myself over, and that's it. I didn't come here to "Make This Brand Better" Or "Bring Deathmatch to SCW" that's a goddamn gimmick, I came here to beat mother fuckers down, and be cheered while doing it, it's that simple. But Hell, if I can get the SCW to bring a fuckin Deathmatch to this company, all the better.

But if not, well, just know that you can spit in the air in this mother fucker and it'd land on another Promotion. I'd change my face, change my name, and poof, I'd be someone else entirely. You see who I am allows me to do things like that and it doesn't matter. But if someone like oh, lets say Syren, walked into another fed, chances are she'd run right up into some other cunt who looked just like her. Because that's the state of the goddamn business, no one wants to be original, from The Squared Circle to the Silver Screen, all we get are fucking Remakes.

If Any of You.


Are Angry about anything that I've said here today, good, because I am talking just and directly to you. Some of you have been in this game for Decades, you'd think that at some point a person would become sick of having to portray the exact same characters. I know I would, so that's what I did. I stepped outside of what I was comfortable with, stepped outside of what people might find "Acceptable" for this business. And you know what? That shit works. Because there's only one reason people tune into SCW, and it's the goddamn violence. They came here to see people kicking the shit out of each other and that's what I gave them. We cut our little promos, do our little bit of storytelling behind the scenes, but what happens in that ring? Is there any one of you, that can tell a single story with your own body? Can walk out to the ring and tell a story with actions instead of a few thousand words? No, because much like your speaking and storytelling style, your Techniques in the ring are literally copy/pasted over from other people. Which is why when I started all this, I wanted to make sure that I was diverse, which is why you can see me go from Rey Mysterio in one Moment, to Dean fucking Malenko in another.

Now we're going to address the obvious, people will talk shit. "She's just mad her team cost her a match." But we all know that's just something they tell themselves so they don't have to face the reality of everything I've just said. What happened at Apocalypse is absolutely irrelevant to this conversation. Why? Because as we know, this competition is fixed, "Gasp" I know right. But what you don't understand is the political push that goes on behind the scenes, why some of these useless, repetitive, uncreative Remakes get so much Screen time. You heard it, Right From Kennedy's Mouth, "I'm The Closer." Why? Because she's sucked so much goddamn dick in this company that of course Mr. D is going to put her over. Because what would this company be if we didn't have a bunch of the same faces duelling over the same belts week in and week out on every channel. So that being said, what can people REALLY say about Any of Kennedy's Championships? that's right, nothing, because they were handed to her.

Because what it comes down to is much like the Superstars themselves, SCW Management doesn't know how to write fucking characters. So they just recycle all the same faces, over and over again. People get sick of it, it's why when a big name returns to a brand no one is interested, because we've seen it before. It's like Bill Goldberg coming back to do a single match for the thousandth fucking time, we know what's gonna happen, he's gonna spear someone, he's gonna jump around and that's it, nothing special. Pretty much exactly what we have going on here. Sooner or later, the people are going to get sick of it, regardless of what the prompts and screens tell them to do. And then what do they do when one of their ideas doesn't go over? That's right, they pipe in the crowd noise. So that way the Television audience doesn't know the crowd hates the Product.

Because there's nothing that sets any of it apart.

Its all the same, its what it is now, its what it was then, and its what it will be in the future. Gone are the days of interesting characters and well written storylines, and we usher in an era of acceptance, where everything has to fall in line with a certain narrative or its fucked. And to be very honest, I'm not sure I want to play the game anymore. It took a month on the American circuit to realize just why the business in dying on this side of the globe, why people are turning off the TV. With the rise of brands like UFC, where people can watch REAL fights, people know the difference, and they hate it, they hate us.

So why am I walking into Breakdown on Thursday, if this is what I think of Supreme Championship Wrestling? Ya know, I really couldn't tell you. Maybe it's a part of me that can't hold back, that won't just step down and give in to it. I know that making a difference in this landscape will be next to impossible, but I'm still under contract. And maybe there's a part of me that legitimately enjoys being paid money to beat the living fuck out of people. Maybe there's a part of me that legitimately enjoys it when you people scream, when you people cheer for every bloodsoaked second of the show I perform. So that's exactly what I'll continue to do.

This week, its Christy Matthews, a person who I'm sure if I rolled back into her Promo logs, I'd find a bunch of stories of Drug Addiction and Misfortune, because that's all anyone can ever seem to talk about. You'd think at least one of these people would have been able to find a suitable outlet for their bullshit, like counselling. But no, they'll put their entire sad story on display because they think it pumps them up with the fans. When no, it doesn't, it just makes you look pathetic. "Look At My Poor Fucking Life." yeah we've all seen 8-Mile, but you ain't no Marshall Mathers. People look at you and they see a person with obvious issues, who obviously doesn't need to be displayed on Television or anywhere else for that matter. The type of individual people pass-by on the street, or disregard in conversation, and I bet you feel so torn about it too. Because that's what you paint yourself as, a fucking Crybaby.

Take a note from my playbook, every week people comment on me and my problems. The things I have to wear just to make myself a person, and they wonder and they speculate as to why an up and coming member of this roster is wrestling with not just one but two prosthetic arms. It's because I'm not a fucking victim of circumstance. I took a situation that would have ended you Christy, and I turned it into a career. So why don't I just tell people what happened to me? Because I know that they don't care. They didn't come to hear that, they came to see me use what became of it, which is exactly what I'm going to do.

The game changes, on Thursday I'm not walking into that ring to sell Tickets, to sell Christy or her moveset. I'm going into that ring to beat the living shit out of another cookie-cutout Superstar. To wake someone the fuck up. To Put every last person in that locker room on Notice, Your Shit is Weak. Any other competitor would no doubt begin telling Christy how sorry they are for what they have to do to her this week, how sorry they are to have to make an example out of her. Nope, not Me, I'm actually looking forward to it, I might not be able to wait. If I see her before Thursday there's no telling if she'll make it to the event. Why? Because I don't know what I might do, I might walk out to that ring and shoot her in the face in front of the live audience, and I'd get away with it. Why? Because I'm wealthy, because I'm Connected, because I have resources. I Could make this Company disappear with the sweep of my fingers if I wanted to.

Christy, this week you will understand that all of this, goes on because of MY Good Will Alone. All of It. If I wanted it, you, you're family, your life, your Legacy, could be erased from existence. So if you think that Tag Belt on your shoulder would be a shield against something like that you'd be sadly mistaken. Just know that when I walk into that ring, it's the beginning of something else, because I don't just want to beat you, I want to end a Career, and that's not Kayfabe, that's On Shoot. I've spent the last 2 months, under-selling myself and what I'm really capable of, trying to keep a low profile. But it seems the situation has changed, and the Narrative must as well. I came across the entire world, from a place where ending careers is a daily practice, to a place where everyone is the same. Where Every Organization has a Christy Mathews, or a Syren; and it make's me fucking sick to my stomach. To think that for even a moment I thought that a place like this could handle me.

So now, where does all this leave us? Where does all this leave me? To tell you the truth, I don't really care. Why? Because I'm great without all this. And unlike people like Kennedy Street and Christy Matthews I don't need the reassurance of the SCW, its fans, or any of the people standing in that locker room to make me feel that way. So no matter how long I'm here, 10 Years, 10 Months, 10 Days or 10 Seconds, I was great when I walked in, and I'll goddamn sure be great when I walk the fuck out. I didn't come into this business to glad-hand with anyone, I didn't come to this business because I had shoes to fill or a reputation to uphold, I came here for one reason and one reason only, because it's fun. It's fun to laugh at the ridiculous insecurity that come from some of these "Superstars". And I'm sure this week will be much the same. I can already see what I'm in for. A Quick scroll through Christy's Instagram tells me everything I need to know, rows upon rows of the same Poses, the gestures, the same weak attempt to make your life seem better than what it is. If there's one person who truly deserves an award for acting, its you. But someone like me can see through it, because you've put your true history on display for everyone to see. The Sad Story that is your worthless fucking life, and again, the people you think are your "Fans" don't fucking care. They have their own problems to deal with, they don't come here to indulge in anyone else's. It's the ego that does it, isn't it? That makes you think that for some reason your life is worth hearing about, it isn't.

And stop making that fucking Face you aren't Dwayne Johnson and it looks fucking stupid.

In closing, I'll leave you all with this. Thursday night on Breakdown will mark a change, a shift from what I've given you in the past. I thought I was here to make friends, but I realize that there isn't a single person in this company that deserves it. So from right now, we aren't selling Tickets, Seats, or Whatever Bullshit Moveset Christy Matthews thinks she might have. This week, Christy is going to find herself in an actual fight. One I don't intend on letting her walk away from. I've ended careers, livelihoods, without batting an eye, without a second thought. And I'll do it again, by any means necessary.

She pushes the camera back, sending it crashing to the floor.


- vs -