:: - Oh God, The Aftermath - ::

The night is only just beginning in Denver, Colorado. As the music plays to the standing ovation from the capacity crowd. Apocalypse has kicked off to an amazing start, as the camera pans through the arena, flashbulbs popping and signs waving side to side. Backstage Gorilla has devolved into Chaos. As the team of the Golden Boys, G-Money and Jessica Tremor have absolutely upended the broadcast. Officials rush the stairs, trying to break up the maylay, with Adam and Bison on one side, and their tag Partner Jessica Tremor and Hannah Warr on the other. Officials try to keep the two groups separated as the superstars are grabbing whatever isn't nailed down, trays of food, headsets, chairs and Laptops fly overhead.

Behind the Chaos, Kennedy Street steps through the curtain, Followed closely by Brittany Lohan. A Satisfied smile appears on her face as she quickens her step through the room, Jessica Sees her, instantly turning her attention to the former world champion. She lunges for Kennedy, but is caught around the waist by several SCW Officials, sending the group crashing to the ground, Kennedy Skips away just in the nick of time to see Jessica hit the floor at her feet, narrowly missing being wrapped up. She laughs heartily as she finds her way to the stairwell. The scene plays out for several more moments before finally fading to black.

A Few moments later the Dressing room door crashes open, Hannah pushes Jessica back through the door as a number of Officials stand ready outside the door. As the Golden Boys disappear down the hallway Jessica finally relents. Hannah nods to the officials, assuring them the situation is handled. They nod back, stepping away; shaking their heads in confusion as to what just happened. Hannah shuts the door, keeping a straight face until it closes completely. She turns to Jess, the two share a few moments of quiet before breaking into uproarious laughter.


The two jump into each other's arms in Celebratory Fashion. The two are covered in Spaghetti and Red Sauce from the food that was thrown in Gorilla, but they don't seem to mind. As Jessica steps back she looks down at herself.

"Dude, Look at this, Haha!"

"I Know Right, what even was that??"

Jessica steps to the mirror, laughing at herself as she flicks various pieces of spaghetti off her shoulder. She closes the door over, leaving it open just a crack; turning the shower on.

"Probably should have waited for Kennedy to get back there before kicking all that off though."

"Yeah right, you think these guys would have let anything happen to their Honey Pot?"

"I mean if I was quicker I would'a had her right there! For how much energy she had before the match she sure as hell didn't wanna be in that ring for longer than a few minutes."

"Yeah I noticed that too, but what you gonna do? Those people expect that type of treatment, she spent the last two weeks being put over for nothin'. So Having to work again might have simply been too much."

"Yeah well whatever it was, I kind of was expecting more from her."

"Really? You didn't expect her to go out there and basically be carried through the match?"

Jessica lets out a loud laugh before nodding her head in agreement.

"Good Point."

"She's not here Right Now, ya know what I mean? She didn't want the smoke from the start and she doesn't want it now."

"But she spoke with so much vigor. I don't know, maybe I'm just used to people being able to actually back up what they say."

"Not everybody is so absolute in their convictions, she IS an actress after all."

"Yeah Haha, wouldn't want to endanger her "Illustrious" career, flush thousands of dollars of cosmetic surgery down the drain."

"Honestly, she should have come out there with more energy. She did talk a good game before the match just to give a somewhat underwhelming performance. She chooses what she feels are hurtful words over actual actions, which seems to be a trend around here. And that's not even the worst part.

"Enlighten me, what IS the worst part?"

"She broke Kayfabe to do it."

"That shit doesn't exist anymore, unless you're a Star Wars actor on Twitter."

"HA! She wishes she was in Star Wars."

"Okay so wait, can you be rewarded for going out of Character and talking about people's gimmicks?"

"I guess, if you're Kennedy Street, and people think there isn't any favoritism in this business."

"Well then Fuck this, ya know what I mean? What's the point of any of this then?"

Hannah shrugs her shoulders.

"Yeah I don't know... its like half the roster has one set of rules, and the others are just fucked, we just happen to be Fucked."

Jessica steps out of the shower, wiping the fog from the mirror. It's a story she's heard before, her mind jumps back to thoughts of that night in Japan. The sounds of chairs Echoing, the cries of the officials, the roaring of the crowd. There is a deep hatred that begins to well up in the pit of her stomach. The business isn't the same as it was growing up. But that's not what eats her, the thought that just like in Japan, some people are just made to be put over, undeserving asshats who have spent too much time with the company. And were now being rewarded for the wrong reasons, when all they are is wrinkled faces and gray hairs hidden behind blonde highlights. A Low rumble begins to rise, as a thousand thoughts race through Jessica's mind. Her hand clasps the frame of the sink, it bends around her closing fist.


"I know... I can feel it."

"Maybe we've been going about this all wrong... Maybe these people don't want characters or storylines. Maybe we should show these people who we really are."

Hannah's face is somber, keeping her head towards the floor, she slowly begins nodding her head.

"We Can't... Sam."

"Why Not? What keeps this place safe from the reality of what's out there? The reality of who we really are?"

"You know the directive..."

"What's it worth, the freedom the Directive allows us. If we're only Free to be this?"

A Few moments of tense silence hang heavy in the room as Hannah considers her friends Proposition.

"It's only a matter of time anyway..."

"I know."

"If the gates open, we won't be able to close them again until it's finished..."

Jessica nods softly, looking at herself in the mirror. The road ahead had always been bumpy, but now it seemed like there was no road at all. Where this decision would lead them was completely uncharted, blurring the line between what's Just a Gimmick and what could really spell the end of not just the SCW, but possibly the business she loved. In Everyone's life there stands a great cliff, some of us never find the courage to take a leap of faith, to put everything aside and trust in yourself. Jessica had been standing on this ledge her entire life, and as she looked into the mirror that night...

For the First Time in a Long Time...

She Was Scared. "Okay so I guess first and foremost we're going to start off by addressing one of the biggest problems we've only just discovered with the SCW. The fact that there are some people walking through this locker room that seemingly aren't even employed by the same company as the rest of us. Oh Yes, these Kayfabe Breaking, Fourth Wall Destroying chuds have been slowly taking over. And now have enough pull in this company to actively speak on People's Real Lives, People's Real Actions, even though they should have no earthly way of knowing what goes on "Behind The Camera". What's worse, is that they are actively rewarded for it, but if I walked out there and said oh I don't know, "There isn't a Single Fucking Movie in Existence with Kennedy Street in the Cast or Crew." I'd be in some sort of trouble, but ya know, fuck it mask off, right? If She can Speak on Video Games, I can Speak On Movies.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for the glaring inconsistencies as far as rules and continuity go. What people don't understand from the outside of this business are the ridiculous standards that have been placed on people in my position, the things WE are expected to do to keep this business operational, the keep the flow of the immersion solid. But If people are going to be able to step outside of that whenever it suits them, then hell, it opens the floodgates for each and every single one of us to be able to do it. So Here's what's real, Christy is goin' over. The match has already been written, the script already in the works. The only thing the SCW can do now is hope that we stick to it.

But What if We Don't?

Of course in true SCW Fashion, Christy Matthews is going to wait until the very last fucking second to say anything about this match. Not that it really matters as whatever she has to say is completely irrelevant. This too is one of the mainstaying trends of Supreme Championship Wrestling. Everybody procrastinates until the last goddamn second, it's a wonder anything gets done around here at all. Its why we can walk into a City on Wednesday and not walk back out until Saturday! You'd think that to put on a show like this there would be a little bit of, Oh, I don't know, Urgency? But I guess that's just me, maybe I take this a little more seriously than the others do. And it just goes to show the type of worker that I am, because sure, it's easy to hit a gym when you're in the position I am, that coupled with the long trips between shows. Some people might think "Well she's got a bunch on her plate." Yeah well so do the rest of us, even more-so than someone like her.

Bitch is almost Thirty Six years old and can't manage her time well enough to write a couple words on a piece of paper and then get those words into a camera? Are you serious? You have like two fucking jobs in this business, and its getting your ass kicked and cutting promos you literally can't do HALF of those things coherently. So What the hell are you even doing here? I think it says alot about the condition of the United States that She just so happens to be the United States Champion. So not only do they have absolute incompetence in the low-card, but also in the mid-card as well. I just don't understand how such blatant and obvious inability to do the bare minimum can be rewarded like this. Like look, it actually makes no sense for a person who's been in the game as long as she has to be unable to budget her time well enough to get something out to your fans, to you competitors.

Let me, guess you'll say something like "I Don't Care About Them." In a blatant attempt to ride the thunder of MY Words. The last time the SCW audience saw Me, they finally, for the first time began to understand what really goes on behind the scenes, behind the curtains of Supreme Championship Wrestling. And you, much like everyone else who has been brought into this company, was handed a successful career. Because of who you are connected to, who your promotional companies are, who your managers are behind the scenes. You think that someone like her could get to where she is without a gigantic and undeserved push? I don't fucking think so. You see Christy, you might be old enough to remember when places like the SCW were impossible to sign with, why? Because the line of new and promising superstars was out the goddamn door. And it's because of Stale mother fuckers like you that like 5 Managers have 10,000 Wrestlers each to try and handle. That's literally all this game has become, like 5 People Banking off the work of each and every one of you. And it's sickening.

Christy I'm not going to go into a deep dive into your career, because honestly, it's the part of this I hate doing the most and for the better part of the time I've been here, it's all been just the same shit. Literally the same fuckin faces, passing the same fucking belts around for years upon years. Its why they boo'd Cena, its why they Boo'd Goldberg, because no one wants to see another rerun. But of my Career? She'll ask. No doubt she already preparing a paragraph statement about my "Team". But what she fails to understand is that if it was all down to me, and I was actually able to take the regulators off, there wouldn't have a single person standing in that building except me. I was hamstrung by literally the most one sided booking in the entire world, and when we walked out, You guessed it, we were TOLD Who was going over. So there we were, Me, Buffalo Jones, G-Monkey and the Future NOT Television Champion, Adam A-Fuck-O. Getting ready to be screwed over, not by the raw skill of our competitors, but by the backstage politics of the SCW.

What you don't understand is, Hannah and I are the type who aren't here for your Belt, we'll rip the gold right off that strap and I will choke you with it Bitch, believe that. To where they'll have to get the Jaws of Life to pry that shit off your face. And if you think that little fuckboy of a Tag Partner you have will be able to stop that your sadly fucking mistaken. That little Soyboy is lucky to be where is, because just like you he's handled by the same Promotional Company, a Promotional Company it seems that has a nice little thing with the SCW. So no matter how much their repetitive and overused Gimmicks are put on display the Powers That Be will keep pushing them out to the fans, keep piping in that Crowd Noise, you'd think that with that many people in attendance they'd at least make SOME Noise, but fuck you'd be mistaken. I step out every night to a Pop, why? Because the people know when I walk into that arena they're about to see something different, something that steps outside of the box that this business has stupidly built around itself.

The Same Cannot Be Said for You.

Maybe it's better that the fans don't have to deal with Promo after promo anymore, because what would these people really have to say? If they're all being written for by the same damn brand how diverse could they possibly be? Its like when you hear Trevor Noah Tell a Joke at 9pm and then 2 hours later Colbert says the same fucking one, Come On Mother Fuckers It's Getting TOO Obvious. But I guess Writing is Hard, Right? Making New and Interesting Characters is so 2003... Pfft... pathetic.

But Jessica, you Coherently Crass Connoisseur of Combat I hear you say, why do these characters rise to the heights they do if they are so Boring and Overdone? It's simple, because most of them have been Grandfathered into this business. Scroll through the Roster, how many 2nd, third, or shit even 4th Generation Superstars do you find running around a place like this? Kim whateverthefuckhernamewas is a great example, you think the SCW Would give an absolute psychopath like that a push based just on her skills alone? No, it wouldn't happen, because unlike me, she has nothing in the bag other than her ability to bleed all over the goddamn ring, she's a fucking sideshow at best, something you bring out alongside the Max-Minis and Eugene's of the world. Something for people to point and laugh at, she's a meme generator.

"Queen of the Deathmatch" Drink my piss you worthless cunt.

You wouldn't be anywhere if it wasn't for your mother, her reputation or what she stood for in this business, and hell maybe even SHE was a second or third Generation Superstar. But you know what, once again all that means is some people just never know what it's like to have to work for anything. So they run around here, aging, out of shape, telling all the same stories with all the same outcomes that we've seen year after year. But if that's what people come to the SCW for then they are sort of railroaded.

It didn't have to be this way, people made it this way. People made this business so uninteresting, Uninviting, and Gate-Kept that finding people with actual Talent and conviction is next to impossible. People enter this business and they see things like this, experience the outright and blatant Favoritism. The Rules of the SCW Seem to only exist for a Select Few, What's Good for Thee Is Not For Me, right? Bullshit. That's the type of thinking that can end someone's career, the type of thinking that got Bruiser Brody exactly where the fuck he is today.

So Christy, stepping into this match, before these cameras kick on, before you roll the tape on your next Promo; you remember that statement. And know that there is no place in this business for handouts, or favoritism. And Try as they might...

If I wanted it...

This Company Wouldn't Be Able to Save You.


- vs -